What really is SFE?

This was a recent question in LinkedIn:

A valid question!










All of these words can be right. 


... but if the understanding varies, SFE concepts will be different!

Imagine you would need to measure and introduce metrics for SFE? Which would you choose?

Your people will definitely hesitate about "right or wrong" until you have clarified which word is the one you would choose and what this finally means.

Just in case: Questions@Innov8.de

A look to India

In principal the same problems everywhere
MedicinMan India April 2012 - excerpt.pd[...]
PDF-Dokument [397.6 KB]
Delivering deep insight

If you want to risk a look across traditonal borders ...
It is worthwile to have a look into this great subcontinent. Is the word "emerging" market really true?

Who is in the better position: those markets that have recently been detected, doing quantum-leaps of innovation, create innovative ideas every quarter ....
... or those being old, traditional, saturated, refusing, rejecting changes?




iPad or Mindset?

What do Tablet-PCs contribute to the work or results of medical representatives?

A very complex question, easy to answer: nothing.

The success-factor using iPads or other tablet devices, lies in

  • the content and
  • the delivery of the content

The content should (rarely is!!) be driven by need and requirements of the targets. Some call this client centricity.
Marketing departments

The delivery is the sole domain of each individual rep:
Embedded in a client centric culture, enabled to identify needs and requirements of each target or client and empowered to make a discussion valuable. Valuable in the true sense of the word and in the judgement of the target!

iPad or Mindset - How would you answer this question?