You only can manage what you measure and what you measure gets done!

This sentence is attributed to William R. Hewlett. It displays a deeply embedded human habit.



What you measure ....



If it is average speed or fuel consumption. However you set your display: you will strive to achieve!

What you measure gets done!


From objective to KPI

The necessary steps

Defining objectives - how and why?

Important remark:

Objectives like "sales growth" or "improved bottom line" are not really valuable in this context.

These economical or operating figures can be seen as the basic purpose or reason of existence of any enterprise.


Questions to determine objectives sound like:

  • What do we want to be in five years?
  • In which direction do we want to develop?

Do we want to better serve our clients, being under the top 5 in client satisfaction?

Sample objectives:

  • We will support patients taking our medicine to improve compliance.
  • We want to actively participate in health care.
  • Our company shall be the most trusted pharmaceutical copmany in the general public.
  • ...


If you want support for your organization,