Effectiveness vs. Efficiency

In a number of languages there is only one word covering both meanings or rather: not differentiating the two different aspects.
This probably was one reason that Peter F. Drucker, management teacher of the century, complained that he could not make managers to differentiate between these two words. This happened in the 1950s!




Effectiveness stands for doing the right thing.
The related questions like "Are we doing the right thing?" or "Is it right to visit family doctors ..?"

This always must be the first of the two questions to be asked.

Management: The art of asking the right question.



Finding out about Efficiency will help you finding out if you are doing things right.

Questions like: "Are we seeing the right physicians in the right frequency and with the appropriate message?" could be indicating efficiency:
Are we doing the right thing in the right way?



Excellence in results?



Excellence means results are exceeding expectations.

If taken seriously clients decide about our excellence, not we.





Excellence in the context of SFE should be connected with:

  • Planning and executing plans
  • Being knowledgeable and using the knowledge properly
  • Create and sustain relationships
  • Differentiate messages and adopt to needs and requirements
  • Driving and embracing change
  • ...

Excellence (as all the other buzzwords) remains an empty or airy word if

  1. it is not clearly defined and identically understood by everyone
  2. you cannot apply a metric or measure what excellence is.
    Because achieving excellence or being called "excellent" must mean the same: East, North, South or West.

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