What segmentation tells us:

A segmentation scheme

y-axis: potential

The word potential must be fully clear, defined and equally understood by all involved.


Potential indicates whom we should see / visit / treat as a client.

 The higher the potential the more important for my personal success. There is a strtict realtion betwenn potential and possible contribution to my personal success.


You only go fishing where the fish are.

x-axis: adoption

The degree to which a phyisician or pharmacist has adopted my product in his daily practice tells us how often to see this client.


The more my product is known, used, prescribed, recommended etc. the fewer visits are necessary.


The purpose of segmentation

After the era of "One Size Fits All" has definitely and finally ended, buidling segments allows us to differentiate our strategies per segment:

NB: Strategy is the answer to "How will we achieve our objective?"

In theory you can create unlimited segments: if you draw your cut off lines at 10% you will already end up with 100 segments.

Since we are talking SFE in pharma and provide a segmentation scheme for the field forces, usually four segments are fine. Your people in the field are definitely skilled and experienced enough to make the important difference.
If they know and believe in the concept of segmentation!


If you have doubts and want to be sure: