Consulting & Advice

Consulting projects


Which are the right Performance Indicators driving the whole organisation in a similar direction and align efforts?

Affiliate of a global pharmaceutical company (14 bn € revenue)

Target audience:
All senior management functions

Time frame:

October to April

Change workshops

Making it happen, driven by insight and understanding

80 representatives successfully working on a PC-based case study

Reps need to fully embrace the new target list. Significant change in clients to be visited and segmentation driven call frequency rules ...

Target audience:

All field force plus first line managers and marketing people. Around 80 people in one room.


Market leading pharma company

Time frame:

RFP in April, delivery in August


Participants experience that changing their decisions improves individual results!

Internal conferences & workshops

International meeting

Sales managers of all emerging markets need to understand Key Account Management 


Design, develop and deliver a 3-day conference for sales directors from more than 20 countries and four continents. All content delivered by Innov8. 8 different formats leveraged.

Target audience:
Rx and OTC sales directors of each country

Time frame:
RFP in January, delivery in April

Sharing know-how

This is how I do this!

Make people share their know-how

Target audience:

Sales Managers from different CEE countries

Project driver:

Head of Training & Development

Innov8 process applied: ADDD

  1. Analyze
  2. Design
  3. Develop
  4. Deploy

The world has changed but we still measure »call frequency!«





In a recent project to design and establish a novel incentive and bonus-system a central question was:

»What happens if we continue sticking to our traditional set of KPIs?«

The answer: »Sales and marketing metrics, feeding our remuneration-system to quite a degree, will be contradictory to our company's values and objectives!«


Following this impressive experience, we thought it would be a good idea, to offer an “In-house KPI-Workshop”. In the best case, our KPI-workshop will be cross-functional. It could bring Business Intelligence, Controlling, Finance, Marketing and Sales / Field Force Management together.


We will be happy to discuss your specific issues and prepare a full proposal.