KAM in Pharma 3.0

Where is pharma  now?

Mastering the Future

Following a study published by PwC, the vast majority of Germans (73 percent) sees the pharmaceutical industry poorly reputed. The industry is perceived as making high profits on the expense of the healthcare system. In addition neither digitalisation nor patient orientation have so far found their way into the DNA of pharmaceutical companies. Poor outlook?

Establishing a true key account management could help to secure the future.

The essence of key account management is to identify issues, create solutions, and implement them into daily healthcare processes inside real key accounts and together with the relevant stakeholders.

The head of hospital-purchasing said: “I told pharma that I needed to improve my bottom line! They understood “rebates”. This is not the way it works. He had expected that someone would have assisted and supported him identifying care inefficiencies. It is about the famous “patient journey” along which you want to find relevant “moments of meaning”. Many players in the healthcare field are currently looking for these “moments of meaning” or “items of relevance”.

The item “therapy adherence” is a crucial point in out-patient treatment. Unanswered and still a burning issue until today. Deliberately ending or interrupting therapy is a menace to all involved.

The Key Account Managers from which company will be the first,

  • to formulate care-objectives together with their contacts or counterparts in the key account?
  • to design and execute strategy-workshops together with their stakeholders?
  • to deliver continuous support implementing the co-created concepts professionally?

The pharmaceutical industry owns a fortune of unused and slumbering knowledge e.g. how to establish therapy adherence. In any and every clinical trial, this is an issue being solved. Answers vary by indication area and individually per patient.

Mnemonic or key topic: in days of sharply declining download-numbers of smartphone apps, a smartphone-app cannot deliver! The daily healthcare-reality is a very complex issue, not allowing simple answers.

Key Account Management in Pharma means co-creation and co-design of solutions together with a key account’s stakeholders.

Available at the book store of your choice Published in December 2014

The first interational textbook about Key Account Management was triggered by the experience that everyone means and does something different, when it comes to
Key Account Management in Pharma.

KAM in Pharma 3.0 is published in English, January 2015.

Not a "cookbook" with ready to apply recipes!
Memento: One size will no longer fit all.

Published January 2015. Available at your bookstore.

  • ISBN-13: 978-3738602982

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Key Account Management

Is KAM a new word describing old selling habits or can this be a future business model for Pharma?

Definitions are rare and many people understand many different things when using or hearing the acronym KAM. The first textbook about KAM in Pharma is available. It clarifies many details like the acronym itself. Interestingly enough the understanding of KAM is at least volatile: What is an account? How would you decide which account is key and who manages what in KAM? These are questions hardly ever answered or clarified. This first ever textbook on Pharma Key Account Management is meant to provide a basis for discussion between professionals.

KAM in Pharma 3.0 is now available at Amazon and other bookstores.

About the author:
40 years ago, Hanno Wolfram has started to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Being self-employed since 18 years allowed him to learn a lot in consulting and change projects in more than 25 countries. The attempt to share expertise and clarify vital details, was the basis writing about Key Account Management in Pharma. In 2011 Rainer Seiler and Hanno Wolfram wrote the first textbook on Pharma Key Account Management in Germany. This book was written specifically for the German market. It now finds its expansion and upgrading in a fully new English and internationally valid version. It carries a lot of relevance for many markets and examples from Europe, China, India and many other places.

What does KAM stand for?

Entering into Key Account Management is like stepping on the starting block to start for a new era.

The new era of inventing, designing, developing and delivering solutions to patients, health care professionals, payers and other stakeholders.

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Professional Key Account Management is the end of drug pushing.

Professional Key Account Management starts a new
Business Model.
The "reach and frequency" sales model is moribund or already dead.

What please is Account Management?

Innov8 KAM workshop in Bejing

Three simple questions:

  1. What is an account?
  2. What does "Key" mean?
  3. Who manages whom or what?


No easy answers.

This definitely is for sure:
A KAM is not a re-named hospital rep and an account is neither a customer nor an individual!