Services that are paid for?





The most significant changes will be around the offerings:

Lord Howe, NHS, UK:
"It’s a perfect example of how better quality care can also prove more cost effective."

"This isn't just about saving money – most importantly, it is about making sure that patients stay well and get the best outcomes from their medicines."
(Lord Howe, July 2011)


There is no other place with more knowledge as in a R&D of a pharmaceutical company. Do you share this with your clients?

This know-how is worth a lot.

Drug producer or health care company?

 Many wait for the active involvement of pharmaceutical  companies caring for health. This reaches far beyond "selling drugs" and needs a new mindset.

Many people, health care professionals and patients, are waiting for support und information.

Just do it.


In case you need a sounding board for your ideas: