KAM: The end of "drug pushing"


Patients, physicians, payors, and governments have problems!
Pills did not really solve the problems in the past and will fail in the future.

There is no place in the word where more knowledge about a specific disease is collected than in the respective pharmaceutical company.

What do they sell or offer? - Drugs


Once professional Key Account Management will be understood, internalized, and introduced, desiging, developing and offering health care solutions will be the most logical step.



Examples in our daily life

Mobility and .... is what we seek - not a car!

Look into the automotive industry and your individual requirements and needs:

There are few left in the world simply buying a car.
We all look for plenty of different issues:
Some look for safety, others for reputation, many for practical issues or cost.

What the industry offers is MOBILITY and simultaneously offering various solutions getting from A to B: affordability, social reputation, practical transport, safety, power, speed, demonstration of superiority, understatement, and many other aspects we are offered when we loook for a car.

What if you think about the conversion or transfer of such ideas into the pharma business?  Never allow, not from yourself or from anyone else, a sentence like: "This does not work in my country!"

If you really want to add value to your clients and stakeholders, there is a way. Such a decision will add a lot of value to shareholders as well!
Future for pharma is spelled: SOLUTIONS.

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