Complex operations need processes

The client / account facing community will work along Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


SOPs will drive the genesis, conduct and execution of dedicated and specific problem solving offerings.

Pharma marketing and sales people will benefit from vast experiences with SOPs in many other areas. SOPs exist since decades in research, development, production, logistics, and many other places of the company.
SOPs are fully missing in the most costly area of marketing and sales. (sic)


Change is evident, will be significant as will resistence be.

There might be a solution:



A Key to Key Account Management

The lesson we need to learn from other industries about Key Account Management:

It is all about solving problems.


Current and ever more pressing problems for care providers, payers and other stakeholders (which all are accounts):

  • Poor outcomes in health delivery: Results of clinical trials are unachievable in daily practice
  • No expertise in managing projects and other business topics
  • General inefficiencies in health care providing; waste of time and money
  • KPIs and follow up (management) usually unknown
  • Politics and competence are different areas and rarely match
  • Very poor patient compliance and adherence
  • Uneducated, un- or misinformed patients
  • Patients seeking and using knowledge from dubious sources
  • ...